Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Massage Therapy for minimum wage

   Massage therapy is dying a very painful death.  More and  more massage businesses are doing the half price deals through Groupon,  Living Social, 417 Magazine, Deal Chicken, Google Deals and others.  These deals have taught consumers they never have to pay more than half price for a massage.
  While the business posting the deal is making thousands of dollars with each deal they post, the massage therapist will make about ten dollars per massage after all costs are subtracted.
   Deal companies are making more from massage than massage therapist ! How Fkd up is this ?!
   It does not matter what your skill level is or how long you have been in business, you can not compete with all the therapist running these deals.  I have seen as many as twelve hundred deals sold in one week in Springfield Mo.
    I know some very skilled therapist leave the industry because it pays just as well to work at any store.
  New therapist coming into the field will not have a chance for a massage career as they will need to work another part time job to make a living.
   Talking with therapist that have ran these deals, it seems that tipping has also greatly decreased. Clients don't feel like they need to tip because they can get cheap massage anywhere.
     It probably won't be long and the small business therapist will all be out of business,  You will then have the joy of going to a corporate massage company and just be a number in their system, or go to a high end spa and get horrible massage,
    Off i go now to find a part time job so that i don't have to run a deal

Monday, July 2, 2012

tell us what you want already.... please

Communication is the answer when seeking the perfect massage experience.   We massage therapist are really awesome people, but most of us can't read your mind.  Everyone loves their massage differently than everyone else. We massage therapist want your visit to be perfect,  we want you back for more.                               I interview each client before a massage, but prying each answer from clients in not fun for either of us.  Please just tell us exactly what you want.  We have heard every request you can think of,  and then some.  
If you request is obscene or disrespectful, well, we have heard these before too, and we know how to throw you out the window :)  
    Perhaps some of you can help me out.  What is it that  massage therapist do, or do not do in a massage session that would keep you from returning ?  did you tell the therapist after or during the session   ?